Engineering Society Registration

Registration has now opened for UC Berkeley engineering societies. Please visit this link to register for E4K Day 2017!

To become involved with E4K day, your society can:
Host an activity
Setup a demo/informational table
Host a lab tour

Hosting an Activity
All societies are encouraged to host an activity for the E4K students. General guidelines are as follows:
Activities should be about 25 minutes long. Societies should be prepared for 7 activity sessions with 25-30 students participating in each session.
The activity should involve interaction between the students and instructors. DO NOT hand students a work sheet for them to follow or fill-out.
The activity should provide 3-levels of difficulty (4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade). For example, for a falling object, it is sufficient to teach the idea of gravity to 4th graders. For 5th graders, you may want to discuss velocity/acceleration. For 6th graders, you may introduce the idea of energy and some equations.
Although it is not necessary, kids (and parents) are happy when they leave an activity with something they made. For example, last year students were able to take home a test tube of “strawberry DNA” after completing the DNA activity. If it fits your budget, it would be nice to let kids take something home with them, but the educational part is the most important!
If you plan on hosting an activity that is particularly messy (Slime, powders) PLEASE be fully prepared to clean up the mess! We have had issues with this in the past. Also, please do not let children take these projects outside of the classroom (or hold on to their projects until after check-out and the ending presentation in Sibley Hall).

Demo Table
If a full activity is not feasible for your society, you can host a small demo/informational table. This is the most common way for competition teams to participate in E4K.
Bring in an interesting object that you can discuss with the students. (Vehicle teams often bring their vehicles or something that represents their society.)
Let kids build something. Straw bridges, solar-powered lego cars…etc.

Lab Tour
If you are a part of a research group and have access to a laboratory in Cory, Soda, Etcheverry or Davis Halls, then you might consider giving a lab tour for the kids.
Lab tours should be about 25 minutes long. Societies should be prepared for 7 lab tour sessions with 25-30 students participating in each session.

*The societies are expected to provide their own volunteers. An activity needs 5-6 volunteers present, while demo tables and lab tours need 2-3 volunteers at the table/conducting the tour at all times. This year we will reimburse societies if needed. Please keep in mind that there is a maximum amount for the reimbursement.

We are always looking for volunteers to help setup, clean, run registration, and provide assistance to students and parents throughout the day. The more volunteers there are, the less time everyone has to put in. Please contact us if students are interested helping with these tasks.

Other Ways to Help
If you have any other ideas, please do not hesitate to let E4K know!

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