About E4K

Engineering for Kids Day (E4K) is an annual outreach event hosted by the UC Berkeley engineering community. E4K hosts hundreds of students in grades 4-6 for a FREE one-day science and engineering education event on the UC Berkeley campus. Kids participate in fun, hands-on engineering activities organized and taught by UC Berkeley undergraduates, graduates, and faculty. E4K also encourages the participation of underrepresented students in the local community by contacting local outreach programs, Title I schools, and making arrangements to guarantee those students a spot in the program.

Engineering for Kids Day began in 2008 and hosted approximately 80 young students. In 2009, the program grew to 150 kids, in 2010, approximately 200 students participated, and in 2011, approximately 300 students attended with several hundreds more on the waiting list.

E4K is a non-profit event, and it is completely free for all registered students. Funding for E4K is provided by the College of Engineering, the Engineering Student Council, and other external organizations. Please click here for more information on our partners.

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